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Unsure of what the future of knowledge management may hold for NGOs? No matter where you are on your knowledge management journey, NGO consultants can be a great value addition for you. Moreover, an NGO consultancy can help you tackle various day-to-day challenges, such as streamlining processes and efficiency, while allowing you to free up your internal resources to focus on reaching organisational goals. However, not all NGOs are well-resourced or have access to the knowledge management techinques and support that they need.

ATFI provides NGO consultancy services that can support your internal team and help you deliver meaningful impact.

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ATFI has a long history of delivering remarkable NGO consulting services across the globe. Our NGO consultants are experts in various disciplines that include knowledge management, digital transformation, custom data & MIS dashboards, technology, process automation, and more. We also have hands-on experience with grass-root realities and providing tailor-made solutions for NGOs, and this is one of the primary reasons that clients choose our NGO consultancy over other alternatives. Moreover, with years of experience, knowledge, and expertise, we'll help lighten the burden on your internal team, help you navigate the complexity of digital transformation through an accomplishable technology roadmap, and achieve maximum impact in the most efficient way.

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The SMART™ Framework developed the [SP]3 Model™ The SMART™ Framework developed the [SP]3 Model™


Reach higher impact using the SMART™ framework! The framework is specially curated to help you determine the gaps that are preventing your organisation from reaching its desired goals. With the [SP]3 model , make your programs, personnel, and processes, streamlined, scalable, and sustainable. 

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Hundreds of Non-Profit Organizations are evaluating themselves to know how they can become SMART™. Take a free diagnostic and begin your SMART™ journey!


Learn how SMART™ your processes, personnel, and programs are.

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Get tailor-made suggestions on how you can better your organization.

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Knowledge Management Service For Non-profit

Why Choose Us?

Through systematic and thorough diagnosis, creative and technical solutioning and development of infrastructure, and efficient implementation, we create SMART™ NPOs who can create impact, in its true meaning. We have:

Veteran Non-Profit Consultants

Advisors with hands-on experience with grass-root realities

Versatile Architects

Creative problem solvers for tailor-made solutions 

Expert KM Practitioners

Skilled experts with 20+ years of experience in the industry 

With us, impact is not a possibility – it is a promise.

Real-life Impact Stories

Empowering Children and Adolescents Through Art and Play Interventions
NalandaWay Foundation is an award-winning non-profit organization headquartered in Chennai, India, that uses visual and performing arts to help children from disadvantaged communities to soar high by enabling them to be creative and express themselves through Arts. The organization helps disadvantaged children realize their dreams through the power of arts. It is an alumnus of Singapore International Foundation’s annual Arts for Good Fellowship, which seeks to use arts and culture to create positive social change.

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CFAR: Measuring Social Impact For Non-profits
Centre for Advocacy and Research (CFAR), a non-profit organization in India, is focused on using public interest research and advocacy to impact the gender and social development discourse. For the past two decades, CFAR has been actively involved in advancing the rights of HIV/AIDS, women's rights and health, child rights, sustainable development, and elimination of violence against women and children.

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Development Consortium: Technology for Social Impact
Development Consortium (DC) is an Indian non-profit organization dedicated to working with young people and vulnerable communities across India - empowering them to overcome issues related to health, education and rights, abuse and injustice. DC believes that a better future for humanity depends on the capacity to harness change. And building this capacity forms the core of their working model.

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We are building Sampark, a global community that focuses on collaborative learning and knowledge sharing.

Join Sampark for free and engage in discussions, access resources, level up with workshops, and grow with fellow organizations toward becoming a SMART™ Non-Profit Organization.

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